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Doctor Who | Christmas Clues (2016 Special)

The Doctor and Lilly go to a Christmas party at the Mannson home in the year 2038. Unexpected someone is murdered and it is up to the Doctor Lilly and the others to find out the cause of death and the one behind the murder!!!!!

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Doctor Who Series 2 | Episode 5 | Dawn of Gallifrey 

After being in the wilderness, Rasssilon has returned to Gallifrey  to reclaim the throne of Gallifrey. Another time war breaks out and the Daleks and Rassilon seek revenge on the Doctor. The Doctor and Lilly have to team up with The Master and many more incarnations of The Doctor to stop them.

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Doctor Who Series 2 | Episode 4 | Caged in Time

The Doctor and Lilly set off into space when something hits the TARDIS and sends it out off wack. The Doctor wakes up in a strange place where he finds past companions, enemies, and incarnations of himself. ...

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Doctor Who Series 2| Episode 3 | The Petrovite Invasion 

The Doctor and Lilly are flying around in the TARDIS when they are attacked by an old enemy of The Doctor. The Doctor and Lilly end up crashing at the house of The Doctor's previous Companion Chloe. The Alien race threaten the planet earth and it's up tot the Doctor and Lilly to stop them!!!!

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Doctor who Series 2 | Episode 2 | Metal in Scotland 

The Doctor and his new companion Lilly go back to medieval Scotland to find that it is under the control of Cybermen and there being lead by a secret leader.

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Doctor Who Series 2 | Episode 1 | Fear

Still Grieving over the lost of his best friend, The Doctor travels to his home planet Gallifrey to convince the Timelord counsel to help him. After fighting with the Timelord President, The Doctor takes it into his own hands to save Chloe, dead or alive. The Doctor Stumbles upon a summer camp and finds himself fighting the ancient creature Known as fear, while becoming friends with a girl named Lilly in the process. Lilly ends up traveling with The Doctor while he continues to travel the universe in search for Chloe.

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Doctor Who Series 1 | FINALE | episode .6 - The Master Plan | Part .2

After Falling From the top of a building The Doctor uses his TARDIS to catch him and Saves Chloe. Then Chloe and The Doctor Use a computer virus to reverse the mind control and turn the cyborgs back into humans. When The Master Zaps Chloe with a lazier making her disappear and leaving the Doctor agree at Him and the Time Lords. 

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Doctor Who Series 1 Ep. 5 - A Forgotten Past | Part 1

The Doctor finds himself having flash backs of his past incarnation and The return of The Master!!! The Master going by the name Hank Omega, starts a corporation that sells cell phones. The Omega phones are used to control the users mind and turn them into cyborgs. It's up to The Doctor, Chloe and an agent from U.N.I.T. to stop The Master.

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Doctor Who Series 1 ep. 4 - Daleks on Baboon

The Doctor decides to visit the Planet Baboon on his own. The Doctor thinks it will be a calm place to sit and think, but he's not expecting the Daleks to show up. When the Daleks start invading the Planet its up to  The Doctor to save them.

Music by -  Tristan Berry Music:

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Doctor Who ep. 3 - Silver Christmas

     The Doctor and Chloe go back to 1867 London for Christmas when they find that Cyber-men are taking over with a Christmas charity  called the Silver Christmas. The Doctor encounters the Real Sherlock Holmes, and it is up to them to save the day.

Doctor Who ep.2 -  Beast in the Woods

    The Doctor and Chloe are on there way to a moon beach when they find themselves in a sick forest. It's up to the Doctor to save the forest and the near by town of Rittman.

Doctor Who ep.1 - The Rise of the Doctor 

     This First episode takes place after some new Doctor regenerates. The new younger Doctor crash lands on earth and meets a girl named Chloe, who later becomes his traveling companion. The Doctor is the last of a race called the Time Lords who watch over the universe and travel though time.


Book of Journeys: The Battle for Monteria 

The Armor of God: TRILOGY 

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